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Some Questions That Customers Often Ask When Working With Us

What is a partition?

A partition action is a financial decision, but when dealing with a person, we act as your objective advocate to get the equity you deserve without the risk of personal drama when trying to handle it yourself.

What if I don't have a lot of time?

A partition action is a faster alternative to self-help, and the lawsuit typically resolves in less than a year, if handled by our office.

Do you have experience with these types of cases?

Yes, our office handles over 20 cases a year with similar clients, and our lead attorney has over 25 years of real estate experience!

I am worried about money. How much money will you charge me?

Our office has been very successful and works with an owner seeking partition to craft a cost-effective flat fee, so there are no unexpected expenses.

Will you accept a payment plan?


Can I use a credit card?


How do I know you will keep your promises?

The Florida Bar, which governs my license, requires a written agreement to be provided to you on the cost of our services and your rights.

My ex is suing me for the house!



A Partition Action is a civil lawsuit to force the sale of Florida real estate, but you have options if you are the defendant. 

Clients have faced this dilemma, but you can avoid losing your investment and keep the property. 

Please reach us at [email protected] if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Partition puts the joint owners on an equal footing to negotiate for their equity or the property. A partition is a good option even if you have been served. Please don't lose hope or be scared. We are here for you to guide a successful settlement on your behalf.

Even if you can't reach a settlement to keep the property, that doesn't mean you have to lose it. You may be able to purchase the property from the Special Magistrate.

The Special Magistrate is a person appointed by the court to conduct the sale of the property. Once the Special Magistrate has prepared the property for sale, we can help you negotiate the purchase from the Special Magistrate.

If the property is owned jointly with other heirs, Florida law gives you the right to buy the property if you gained the title after July 2020. Find out if this works for you. Call us 866-839-1192 Fax: 239-932-6097

What's the first step?

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The agreement to sell the property may be the first step. Then if you and the joint owner(s) can't agree on how to divide the proceeds, we can request the court review the matter and make an equitable division for the parties. 

We have successfully helped many owners in your circumstance, and we can also make this a success for you.  

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Renee Marie Smith is a 25-year Florida Real Estate attorney and an expert. 

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