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Innovative Legal Solutions at the Highest Level

If you’re looking for a real estate lawyer whose team is committed to a core set of values that guides them in their connections with clients and the communities they serve, look no further than Renee M. Smith, Esq. PA.…

Top Seven Real Estate Law FAQ’s

The state of Florida is one that is filled with natural beauty, warm tropical breezes, and friendly people. Because of this, many people like the idea of buying real estate in Florida. What are some of the most common questions…

Staying Protected in Florida When Purchasing a Home

Making the decision to purchase a home is one of life’s most important events. Once you’ve chosen the home of your dreams, you then face the prospect of moving, getting used to the new neighborhood, and settling in. There’s a…

SHE OWNS IT – Featured Female Entrepreneur Renee Marie Smith Esq.

Read the new article from Renee Marie Smith, Esq. on SHE OWNS IT – Featured Female Entrepreneur https://sheownsit.com/female-entrepreneurs-top-5-reasons-to-travel-solo/ Female entrepreneur’s top 5 reasons to travel solo Congratulations! You won your dream vacation. There is one condition; you must travel alone. Will…

Has the Coronavirus Quarantined Florida’s Residential Real Estate Market?

Having practiced real estate law for the last twenty-plus years, I witnessed wide swings in the Florida real estate market. From the 2009 mortgage bubble crash to the coronavirus, Floridians buy and sell real estate with caution. Real estate is…