Commercial and Residential Transactions and Closings

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Commercial and Residential Transactions and Closings

Protecting your rights and oversee a safe transaction

We specialize is assisting out of state and foreign buyer’s understand and purchase real property in Florida. Do not believe the real estate agents that tell you a lawyer is not needed to protect your rights and oversee a safe transaction.

We are the local knowledge that can help out-of-state buyers navigate the complex Florida market

Out of State Buyers. We are here to help you buy a home in Florida. When you need a friend and trusted source for your new home in a new state, we are here to help guide you through. With over 50 years of combined experience, you are safe with us. We will guide you from contract to closing to make sure your interests are safe.

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The Florida Bar, which governs my license, requires a written agreement to be provided to you on the cost of our services and your rights.

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