If you’re looking for a real estate lawyer whose team is committed to a core set of values that guides them in their connections with clients and the communities they serve, look no further than Renee M. Smith, Esq. PA.

The firm currently boasts fi ve employees and three locations: the main offi ce in Jupiter, Naples and Dania Beach. Smith said she passed the Florida Bar in 1997 and opened her own practice in 2007. She’s been practicing in Palm Beach County for the last decade and the whole practice is focused on real estate. She has two divisions — the transactional division, which does closings and prepares mortgages, and real estate litigation, which does the enforcement of agreements as they relate to real estate and foreclosure of mortgages.

What is the most signifi cant change you’ve seen in your industry over the last year? What improvements, innovations or changes do you foresee in your industry?

“I’ve seen a lot of changes, particularly over the last couple of years. Th e legal industry has fi nally caught up in technology due to COVID. It’s an industry that used to be predominantly paper driven and now it’s almost entirely gone digital. Because of COVID, the courts have been able to streamline 80% of what’s required in hearings through videoconferencing solutions such as Zoom and Team. And only the most critical portions of litigation — which would be trials and evidentiary hearings — are conducted in person. Th ese advancements don’t just benefi t the attorneys but the clients as well. Also, the Supreme Court of Florida has begun to address the large infl ux of new residents into the state who, of course, bring in more litigation. Th ey’ve added an appellate court, more judges and have incorporated technology to improve the legal system. Th ey have recognized needs more quickly and responsibly because of technological advances. So, I have a very positive outlook toward the future of the courts in Florida as well as the people who practice in them.”

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“ Excellent! Her team worked very well together. Performed with excellence when crunch time came. Well pleased with the resolution in court. Renee Marie Smith Thank you for who you are and your professionalism. ” Christopher Sawyer